Who am I?

Hello, I am Meike.


I am a healer, a coach, a maker of healing sounds and worker with the elements. I am a woman, a mother, a friend, a Goddess and a Lightworker.  I’m a bringer of the Divine Feminine into the world.


In my own practice PraktijkMaran I used to work as a psychotherapist for children and their parents. I trained and coached other therapists.


The last couple of years the way I work is changed, because I discovered my energetic healing powers. I always knew I had them, but now I dare to use them and let the world see I have them.


At this moment I’m coaching mostly women. I accompany them in the adventure of finding their  true sparkling source. And I see that from connecting to that source they can go into the world with confidence and power.


I have always been connected to the magical Lightworld and to  my guides and angels. I remember when I was in my early forties, when I go in a meditation I met a very tall angel with a multicoloured cloak.  I asked him his name and he said that his name was Metatron. I was impressed! But not aware that I could make a lasting connection to him.


In 2017 I discovered Amanda and I rediscovered Metatron. And ever since Metatron is present very strongly! My relationship with him is getting deeper and deeper.


I already used crystals, energetic sprays, sound healing and healing with my hands. And now I also use the Metatron Healing sprays, they are so beautiful because of their power, their smell and their magical healing energy. I love them!

And I also experiencing the power of colour in my coaching sessions as well in my distance healings. My healing sessions are more powerful and the effect is a deep relaxing energy and a renewal of personal power. I notice that after a session people take the responsibility of their own live and therefore they change faster.


Working with Metatron and the colour sprays is a privilege and great experience in means to heal. It brings me new adventures and challenges and I love that.