Distance Healing

Archangel Metatron, painted bij Jane Delaford Taylor
Archangel Metatron, painted bij Jane Delaford Taylor

Distance Healing is a powerful tool that works directly on your source of Light and ensures that you are back in balance, and totally relaxed and can continue to go your own sparkling and glowing path.


Is this something for you?

This is how it works:


You send me a mail asking for a Distance Healing. We set a time when the healing takes place and you receive an invoice.


You can tell me in advance what you need at the moment or on what  I have to focus my healing. This doesn't have to be a comprehensive story. You can also send a picture of yourself, so I can see who you are.


At the agreed time I am tuning in for an hour on your energy and I am going to do my Lightwork. 

It could be pleasant when you are in a place where you can sit or lie quietly, without being disturbed. Moreover, you can always tune in to the distance healing at a later date, I set the healing in the universe and you can pick it up on it at your desired time.


What do I do during the session?


I am tuning in on your Higher Self and create a sacred space in which the healing takes place. I work with your 12 chakras and see what they need to get back in balance.

During the healing process I stay connected with your Higher Self and check what is needed. 

I sound for you with my healing voice and my healing instruments; I use crystals; I use energetic sprays, Oracle cards and my healing hands.


The sprays I use are from Amanda Ellis and are directly connected to Archangel Metatron.

His powerful, loving energy, takes care of breaking old patterns, lovingly releasing the energy that no longer serves you. The healing puts you right back into your own source of light, enabling you to take the next step in your development


At the end of the distance healing I send you an MP3 in which I tell what happened during the healing, I also send you the sound healing. The cards I draw during the healing I send you on photo.

This gives you a clear picture of what has been healed and what you can do to integrate this healing into your life!


Briefly you get:

  • A 1-hour distance healing
  • MP3 and photos via mail
  • A clear picture of the healing, recommendations and tips
  • Costs € 88,- (£77,-) You can pay here!


Emailadress: info@praktijkmaran.nl